Powdered Metal

Powdered Metal

Powdered Metal and Metal Injection Moulding

Sintering powdered metal compacts to make complex components is an ever-growing manufacturing method. This is because, in comparison with tradition machining, it produces less waste. It is used, in particularly, within the automobile, aerospace and precision engineering industries.

Powder metal parts are being increasingly utilised within motors for electric vehicles, as they produce less waste than die casting or machining.

In recent years, we have increased our customer base in this area and now produce a range of refractories for powdered metal components.

Powdered Metal Components

Powdered metal (PM) components are fired in a protective atmosphere to prevent oxidation or the reduction of the metal oxide during sintering. Therefore, the refractories that support them in this process need to perform consistently under these conditions. In these applications tight tolerances on products are called for. We achieve these requirements through surface grinding.

Further to this specially developed low expansion materials which can withstand rapid thermal cycling offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional carriers.

Metal Injection Moulding

Metal injection moulding is another manufacturing process utilised for creating small precision components. This manufacturing method is a cost-effective solution to creating these types of components, especially in large volumes or complex shapes.

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At IPS Ceramics, we are forging ahead in this burgeoning industry. Should you have any questions about powdered metal components, and how we can support you with your requirements, please contact us for more information.