Glass Ceramic

Glass Ceramic

Ceramic and Glass Ceramic

Crystallised Glass

Glass ceramic is now available as part of our machinable product range.

In construction, crystallised glass panels offer an environmentally friendlier alternative to granite and marble for the facing of prestige buildings. The crystallised glass panels are formed by crystallising fused material within a refractory mould at high temperatures.  Some of the largest panels exceed 1000mm in size – beyond the size of most conventional moulding techniques.  IPS Ceramics supplies trays that are formed using specially developed large extruded batts. Working in partnership with Beijing Trend Industrial Ceramics, we have been a leading innovator and supplier to this growing industry and our market share of over 90% is a testament to the superior performance of our system.

Industrial Ceramic Capabilities

We also continue to develop products for other glassware production, just some of which are glass covers for induction stoves, laboratory equipment, glass sanitary ware and glass art ware (fused, slump, hot bent etc). The key requirements for these refractory products are a long life, resistance to sticking, ease of cleaning and excellent thermal shock resistance. If you would like to find out more about our glass ceramic production then please get in touch with a member of our team.

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