Kiln Furniture

Kiln Furniture From IPS Ceramics

Kiln Furniture

IPS Ceramics has a long history of supplying cordierite kiln furniture to the ceramics industries around the world. We supply to major producers of sanitaryware, tableware, heavy clay products and technical ceramics. We understand your production issues in detail, whether you manufacture tableware from bone China, earthenware, fine China or porcelain.

Choose IPS Ceramics for Cordierite Kiln Furniture

Our cordierite kiln furniture is manufactured to be porous and low density, often making it the most cost-effective material for products that support firing, sintering and other heat-treatment processes operating at temperatures between 1000 -1300ºC (1800-2400ºF).

Our cordierite materials have been developed over several decades to give optimum performance:

  • Very low creep rates, ensuring a longer life for setters, cranks, batts and support systems being used in a wide range of heat treatment processes working at temperatures up to 1300ºC (2400ºF)
  • Extremely resistant to thermal shock cracking, allowing use where very rapid heating and cooling rates are present
  • Stable at high temperatures; products can be thermally cycled hundreds (sometimes thousands) of times without degradation
  • Low density, giving lightweight setters, cranks and batts that save energy in every firing

Our Range of Cordierite Kiln Furniture

IPS Ceramics work with our partner company, Trend Industrial Ceramics, to provide one of the most extensive ranges of cordierite kiln furniture shapes and sizes. Our range includes:

IPS Ceramics can also offer other kiln furniture materials such as mullite and alumina for specialist applications.

If you would like more information on our cordierite kiln furniture materials or any of our other products and services, please feel free to contact us.