Machinable Cordierite Ceramic

Machinable Cordierite ceramic

Machinable Cordierite Ceramic

IPS Ceramics manufactures a low-density, porous cordierite ceramic material that can be easily machined. Our LWS machinable cordierite can be supplied as either CNC machined components (to suit your specific design) or as blanks which allow you to machine your own items. LWS machinable cordierite is:

  • Easy to machine using standard tungsten carbide cutting tools
  • Pre-fired to ensure your machined component is dimensionally stable
  • Able to be fired repeatedly to temperatures up to 1300 °C / 2400 °F
  • A material with a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, minimising size change during use
  • Gives finished products which are low density and thermally insulating
  • Available in sizes up to 500 x 500 x 70mm, allowing quite large items to be machined

Choose IPS Machinable Cordierite Ceramic

For machined components, you can request single items or small quantities. We can work from your own AutoCAD or SOLIDWORKS design files or our in-house team can prepare a bespoke design based on your concept.

We also offer blanks for sale should you wish to machine your own components.

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