Silicon Carbide Heating Elements

Silicon Carbide Heating Elements

Silicon Carbide Heating Elements

The silicone carbide heating element can be found in many high-temperature electric furnaces, amongst other electric heating devices. Our heating elements are manufactured from recrystallised high-purity alpha silicon carbide (SiC), which is an ideal performer in applications that require a high temperature.

What Are Silicon Carbide Heating Elements?

These heating elements are defined as ceramic products that have the ability to conduct electricity. They contain metalised ends for connection with electrical wires or cables. SiC heating elements can be installed vertically or horizontally and can work in and withstand temperatures up to 1600°C/2910°F – this means that the elements will not be deformed during furnace operation. This characteristic lends itself to flexible furnace design. A newer element will always have more resistance to heat than an aged element and how quickly a component ages depends on how high the furnace temperature is during the component’s life.

In order to reduce the rate of the element ageing (through gradual oxidisation and resistance factors), a unique technology is used to place a protective film on the surface of the hot zone on each element.

A specialised welding process connects the element’s hot zone and cold ends. The welded section is treated with a second siliconised application at high temperatures to substantially improve the strength of the weld and ensure a high-quality heating product. The resistivity of the hot zone is much higher than the cold zone which has a range of benefits, including reduced heat loss from the cold zone, improved energy efficiency and reduced connection problems.

IPS elements are used in a wide range of applications:

  • Powder metallurgy
  • Analytical laboratory & Scientific research
  • Glass & Ceramics
  • Heat treatment
  • Ceramic fibre manufacturing
  • Semiconductors & Magnetic materials

What Are The Benefits Of Silicon Carbide Heating Elements?

The use of silicon carbide in your furnace has a range of benefits, including:

  • Anti-oxidisation
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Long service life 
  • Minimal deformation from heat
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Elements can be replaced during operation, preventing a shutdown.

Properties of the Heating Elements

Typical Properties
Bulk Density 2.5g/cm3
Porosity 23%
Thermal conductivity 14-19W/mºC (1000ºC)
Rupture strength 50MPa (25ºC)
Specific heat 1.0KJ/kgºC (25-1300ºC)
Coefficient of Thermal expansion            4.5×10-6 (1000ºC)


At IPS Ceramics, we have a wide range of element sizes and designs that are available for your application and requirements. If you would like more information on any of our heating elements, contact us today to make an enquiry. We’d be happy to discuss options and products suitable for your needs. You can also find a downloadable version of this page, or take a look at our other silicon carbide products.