IPS Trend Industrial Ceramics

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IPS Trend Industrial Ceramics

IPS-Trend was established in 2010 and is a manufacturing, technology, and sales partnership between IPS Ceramics and Beijing Trend Industrial Ceramics, both internationally renowned specialists in the field of high-temperature ceramics.

Beijing Trend Industrial Ceramics has been manufacturing for 18 years and the factory – situated in Beijing – is the largest single-site producer of cordierite kiln furniture systems in Asia.

This factory possesses a full range of world-class equipment for the testing of chemical, physical, high-temperature, mineralogical and microstructural properties of refractory and ceramic materials. It also incorporates a CNC machining centre. It has its own team housed in a dedicated R&D lab who are responsible for constantly advancing overall product development.

Trend’s management and operations team, drawn from several countries, boasts a strong technical background, a great aptitude for change and a deep understanding of the nature of refractory ceramics. IPS Ceramics’ operations director Ian Wright is also operations director at Beijing Trend and, together with Catherine Lv (our Asia commercial coordinator), is primarily based at the Beijing manufacturing plant.

The company can produce a whole host of different shapes – the broadest offering in the world – using a mix of hydraulic dust pressing, extrusion, casting, roller pressing and hand making.

The company’s expertise serves all the major industries that require high performance shaped refractory supports to fire their products, including:

• Ceramic Tableware

• Ceramic Sanitaryware

• Technical/Electronic Ceramics

• Powder Metallurgy

• Glass and Glass-Ceramics

• Bread/Pizza Oven

• High-Performance Cast Parts

• Heavy Clay

• Ceramic Tile