IPS Ceramics' 2020: A Retrospective

IPS Ceramics’ 2020: A Retrospective

Posted by Tom Evans on 28-12-2020

Last year, we published an article looking back at 2019 and the things we achieved during it. Here is our equivalent for 2020, a year which was full of constant surprises. COVID-19 Of course, the biggest story of 2020 was the worldwide pandemic. We assume we don’t have to go into too much detail about what that’s been like. Luckily, the pandemic has also been a time where businesses and industries have come together and supported each other. At IPS,…

IPS Ceramics - The Best Products for Santiaryware

The Best Kiln Furniture Products for Sanitaryware

Posted by Tom Evans on 01-12-2020

Firing sanitaryware offers a series of unique challenges – sanitaryware products tend to be bulky and heavy items which place significant structural demands on kiln furniture; they can have complicated designs which aren’t easily supported by singular flat surfaces; and they are fired at relatively high temperatures (up to 1280 °C / 2340 °F). It’s a demanding industry which requires dependable solutions. IPS Ceramics have designed many specialist products for the sanitaryware industry. What are the most commonly used items…

IPS - Representante de Ventas

Puesto de Trabajo: Representante de Ventas (América del Sur y Europa del Este)

Posted by Tom Evans on 25-11-2020

IPS busca contratar representantes de ventas situados en América del Sur y Europa del Este para vender nuestra amplia gama de accesorios para hornos y cerámica técnica. Buscamos agentes con base en cualquier país de América del Sur o en Polonia, Bulgaria y Rumanía. Acerca de la empresa IPS fabrica y distribuye accesorios para hornos y cerámica técnica a una amplia gama de industrias cerámicas y técnicas. Tenemos una experiencia global de más de 250 años trabajando con materiales cerámicos…

IPS Ceramics - Sales Agents

Job Role: Sales Agents (South America and Eastern Europe)

Posted by Tom Evans on 25-11-2020

IPS Ceramics are looking to recruit sales agents based in South America and Eastern Europe to sell our wide range of Kiln Furniture and Technical Ceramics. We are after agents based in any South American country or in Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. About Us IPS Ceramics manufacture and distribute Kiln Furniture and Technical Ceramics to a wide range of ceramic and technical industries. We have a collective 250+ years’ experience in working with ceramic materials and can boast a worldwide…

IPS Ceramics - Agente para Vendas

FUNÇAÕ: Agente Para Vendas (América do Sul e Europa Oriental)

Posted by Tom Evans on 25-11-2020

A IPS Ceramics procura recrutar agentes de vendas sediados na América do Sul e na Europa Oriental para promover a venda da nossa gama global de Material de enforna e Cerâmica Técnica. Procuramos agentes sediados em qualquer País da América do Sul bem como na Polónia, Bulgária e Roménia. A Nossa Empresa A IPS Ceramics fabríca e distribui Material de enforna e Cerâmica Técnica para uma variedade imensa de indústrias do sector Cerâmica, bem com Indústrias de Cerâmica Técnica. Temos…

IPS Ceramics - Suppliers of Technical Ceramic Products for Universities, Laboratories and Researchers

Technical Ceramics and Laboratory Research: Classic Materials Creating the Future

Posted by Tom Evans on 26-10-2020

Despite being known as a relatively old-fashioned material, ceramics are commonly used in ‘high-tech’ experiments performed by laboratories, manufacturers and universities, facilitating the invention and construction of tomorrow’s technologies. How are they used and what makes them so useful to researchers? That’s what we’re here to look at. The most common ceramics used in laboratories are technical ceramics. The term “technical ceramic” is used to describe a range of ceramic materials which have been designed to have a combination of…