Ian Wright Celebrates 40 Years Service at IPS Ceramics

IPS Ceramics director Ian Wright celebrates 40 years of service

Posted by Liam Morgan on 24-01-2018

IPS Ceramics has great pleasure in congratulating operations director, Ian Wright, on his recent completion of 40 years of service. Ian joined kiln furniture manufacturer Hewitt Refractories back in 1977, initially working in technical and quality control roles and then progressing to senior production management roles. When Hewitt Refractories became part of Dyson Group, Ian was appointed as manufacturing manager for the two kiln furniture production sites in Stoke on Trent, and eventually became manufacturing manager for Dyson Group in…

Guide dog banner

IPS Ceramics shows the way

Posted by Liam Morgan on 22-01-2018

In recent months, IPS Ceramics has been running a dress-down Friday at its North Staffordshire headquarters, and all employees have been donating a £1 every week towards a rolling fund for a designated charity. So far, £130 has been raised and on this occasion the sum has been donated in aid of the Guide dogs for the Blind Association. Sales director Phil Green commented: “The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association does fantastic work and, as with the other charities we…

Alumina Tube banner

IPS Ceramics announces Alumina Tubes

Posted by Liam Morgan on 08-01-2018

Alumina is the most widely used technical ceramic and is the material of choice in about 80% of engineering applications due to its excellent combination of properties. Fired at over 1600°C (2900°F) to give a fully dense ceramic, alumina exhibits high mechanical strength and stiffness that is retained at elevated temperature. Alumina tubes and rods are used in a wide variety of applications across numerous user industries as a cost-effective yet high-performance solution. The combination of key properties makes them…

Experts in Technical Ceramics

Established in its present form in 2009, IPS Ceramics evolved from the merger of several leading manufacturers of high-temperature ceramics, all bringing a bank of expertise. Today’s IPS team collectively boasts 250+ years of experience in ceramic technology, including design, material selection/specification and manufacturing. We can rapidly and expertly evaluate possible technical ceramic solutions for your specific application or a whole host of manufacturing, engineering and laboratory demands.

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