Investment Casting Plugs

IPS Ceramics' Investment Casting Plugs

Product Overview

IPS Ceramics is proud to supply Ceramic Casting Plugs in a range of sizes, shapes and materials. They add to our growing portfolio of products for foundry, casting and heat treatment.

These ceramic plugs are used for Investment Casting (also known as the “lost wax” or “precision casting” process). This casting offers excellent tolerances and surface finishes, and is ideal for complex geometries. Used across the advanced engineering scene, it’s vital to the aerospace, defence, power generation, automotive, oil and gas, medical/orthopaedics and jewellery industries. Our Casting Plugs cover pattern assembly vent holes and work as a mechanical means of closing core supports within the ceramic shell.

Because Investment Casting / Lost Wax / Precision Casting uses high pressures and temperatures, our plugs are volume stable and temperature resistant. Because they are single-use products, they also combine this stability with competitive costs, hence their already proven popularity in the aerospace, gas turbine, steel alloy, and precision casting industries.

Mullite Shell Plugs
Property Typical Value
Max. Temperature 1800 ºC / 3272 ºF
Bulk Density 2.8 g/cm³
Open Porosity 20 %
Thermal Expansion (20-1000ºC / 68-1832ºF) 5.3 %
Thermal Conductivity 3 – 4 W/mK
Modulus of Rupture (room temp) 100 MPa
Compressive Strength 500 MPa
Modulus of Elasticity 150 GPa
Fracture Toughness 2 MPa.m√
Chemical Analysis Typical Value
Al2O3 75 %
SiO2 25 %

The casting plugs are available in wide range of different grades and materials. If you need a smooth and clean finish, 95% to 99% alumina material is available. If it isn’t needed, we can offer you a corundum/mullite mix.

We also offer a range of other Investment Casting products, such as our Notched Alumina Support Rods (which support cores within the investment shell) and our Pouring Cups (which allow to you safely pour molten materials into the shell). If you need a bespoke product, our team can design and prototype a variety of components for you.

For more information, contact our Technical Team and see how our custom design service and collective 250+ years of expertise can help you.  


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