IPS Ceramics laser cutting services

Laser and Water Jet Cutting

IPS Ceramics laser cutting services

Where we do not supply the exact size or shape you require we may be able to cut from a larger sized item.

Our cordierite kiln furniture batts and shapes can be easily cut using water-cooled diamond slitting blades. This can be more cost effective than producing new tooling where smaller quantities are needed.

Laser & Water Jet Cutting for Technical Ceramics

Many of our technical ceramics (such as alumina, zirconia, etc.) are very difficult to machine due to their very high hardness and abrasion resistance.  Traditionally, expensive diamond grinding was the only option for machining these types of ceramics; however IPS Ceramics can now offer a water jet or laser cutting service for flat tiles or substrates:-

  • Water jet cutting is an economical method of cutting most ceramic materials up to 10mm thick, with some softer materials possible up to 25mm thick.  The accuracy of cutting is generally +/- 1.0mm.
  • For tiles and substrates below 1.5mm thick we also offer a laser cutting service for machining flats, slots and complex shapes.  The accuracy of cutting is generally +/- 0.05 mm.

Note: we recommend that the internal corners of holes and slots have a radius at least equal to the tile thickness to reduce the risk of cracking.