Food Industry

IPS Ceramics

Food Industry

IPS Ceramics has successfully collaborated with leading oven manufacturers across the globe to develop refractory solutions for the food industry. Our cordierite products are used as shelves or linings in ovens for the following reasons:

  • They are rigid and self-supporting – facilitating simplified oven designs
  • They can be cut or drilled on site – offering flexibility in oven construction
  • They provide thermal mass to the oven – helping to maintain a uniform cooking temperature

Cordierite in the Food Industry

Our cordierite tiles are commonly used in both the bread and pizza industry. They support the dough during baking and the thermal mass of the tile helps to bake the underside of the dough. As well as this, the porous nature of the cordierite tile allows the dough to ‘breathe’ for a light, crisp and flavoursome end product.

We know that safety is a huge priority in the food industry. Therefore, we ensure that our cordierite products are manufactured from pure raw materials that contain extremely low levels of lead or cadmium (<0.1%). As well as this, all of our products are pre-fired to over 1300C, rendering them inert and unaffected by water and steam. This means that  trace levels are securely locked within the ceramic matrix, and they do not give off any vapours or odours that might affect the taste of food.

This makes cordierite the perfect choice in the making of both pizza stones and bread baking stones. It is extremely resistant to breakage even after repeated exposure to rapid heating and cooling. As well as being a fantastic conductor of heat.

Note: The standard metal release tests are not designed for porous products; however IPS Ceramics‘ cordierite products would pass the current release limits for sale and use within the EU (test method based on BS EN ISO 10545-15:1997 – Determination of Metal Release of Ceramic Tiles).

Learn More About Cordierite Products From IPS Ceramics

We manufacture a low-density, porous, cordierite ceramic that can withstand repeated firing to temperatures up to 1300C. This is fantastic for use in the food industry and can either be supplied as blocks or machined in-house by our experts to your chosen design.

We also use cordierite to create cost-effective and durable kiln furniture and technical ceramics, which are suitable for use in a range of industries. To learn more about how the use of cordierite ceramics can help your business, please get in touch.