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Ceramics for Laboratories, Research Centres and Universities

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IPS Ceramics has a long history of working with laboratories, research centres, universities and manufacturers to produce hard-wearing, innovative items which facilitate the latest scientific advancements.

We offer a wide range of products including tiles, tubes, crucibles, boats, ignition trays, cleaving stones and more. Stable and unreactive, light and compact, and formable into highly intricate shapes, our materials are resistant to heat, electricity, wear, corrosion, shocks and more. No matter what you’re testing, we have the ceramic to help.

All of our products can be customised to fit your exact specifications – if you need a specific size or thickness, if you need them to withstand any particular tolerances, or if you need anything engraving on them, we have the capacity and expertise to do it.

If you have a difficult situation and need a strong solution, we are also able to offer an extensive consultation service. If you provide us with your requirements and specifications, we can design a bespoke ceramic solution, produce prototypes, manufacture the finished solution and distribute them directly to you.

Contact us today and see how our technical ceramics can help you.

Our Most Popular Laboratory / University Products

Laboratory Ceramics IPS Ceramics Tiles
Used to hold materials during tests. Non-reactive, excellent heat removal and strong electrical insulation.
Laboratory Ceramics IPS Ceramics Discs
An alternate type of tile. Alumina discs can be supplied either surface ground or as fired.
Laboratory Ceramics IPS Ceramics Tubes
Thermally stable, high quality ceramic tubes, available with open and closed ends. Available in our Online Store
Laboratory Ceramics IPS Ceramics Crucibles and Boats
Used to hold samples during tests. Suitable for use in high temperatures; can be highly customised to meet any criteria.
Laboratory Ceramics IPS Ceramics Ignition Trays
Ignition trays are used in a wide variety of industrial processes and tests. Sizes up to 20cm long and 2cm deep are typical.
Laboratory Ceramics IPS Ceramics Alumina Crucible
A compact and highly customisable modular system used to hold multiple small technical components during firing.

Available Materials

Laboratory Ceramics IPS CeramicsAlumina
Strong, stable and versatile – resistant to heat, electricity, corrosion and wear.
Laboratory Ceramics IPS CeramicsAluminium Nitride
Excellent thermal conductivity and electrical insulation.
Laboratory Ceramics IPS CeramicsMachinable Cordierite
A low density, porous material which can be easily machined into complex shapes.
Laboratory Ceramics IPS CeramicsSilicon Nitride
Highly thermodynamically stable; extremely high mechanical strength.
Laboratory Ceramics IPS CeramicsSteatite
Excellent electrical resistant properties and low dielectric loss, even at high temperatures.
Laboratory Ceramics IPS CeramicsZirconia
Incredible strength and toughness, more comparable to most metals than the average ceramic.

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