IPS Ceramics - 2021: A Retrospective

IPS Ceramics’ 2021: A Retrospective

Posted by Tom Evans on December 28, 2021

Each year, we publish a retrospective of the year that’s passed and everything that happened throughout it. You can read our look backs at our 10th Anniversary Year and the Year that Covid Hit here. In comparison, 2021 has been slightly less eventful. However, that doesn’t mean it’s been quiet.

Korf Audio Ceramic Headshell

Representing years of research and development between IPS Ceramics and Korf Audio, 2021 saw the official release of Korf Audio’s HS-A02 Ceramic Headshell, a unique fully ceramic headshell for high-end, audiophile record players. Read more about it here:

Anniversaries and New Starts

This year saw Sales Director Phil Green’s 25th year of service with IPS Ceramics (Phil is to the right of the left picture), and our Design Manager Andy Danahay’s 40th year of service (Andy’s to the right of the right picture). Thanks to both for their hard work and dedication.

For his 60th birthday, we secretly decorated Operation Director Ian Wright’s office (left picture). We kept it subtle in case he didn’t want anyone to know his age.

We also welcomed a new member of staff when Mat Spencer (right picture) joined our warehouse / delivery department. Welcome to the family Mat!


Office Renovations

As demand for our conference calls has skyrocketed due to the pandemic, we thought it was time to spruce up our conference room with a feature wall. The wall was designed by Marketing Executive Thomas Evans and printed/installed by Sherwin Rivers.

You can read about how we put it together here:


Events have been intermittent throughout the year, though they are beginning to come back and we’ve been at the most important of them. Below you can see Catherine, our Commercial Coordinator, at the Ceramics China expo in Guangzhou, as well as Thomas at the London EV Show in, you’ve guessed it, London.

When we weren’t going to external events, we were celebrating at home. This year saw England get to the Euro 2020 Grand Final, something we celebrated in style, while Christmas saw us take our traditional team Christmas picture.

ISO 9001 Re-Certification

Our ISO 9001 was due for recertification this year, and we’re proud to have passed it with flying colours. The ISO 9001 is a recognised national and international quality standard which shows our dedication to meeting and exceeding our customer expectations.

You can read more about it here and see Technical Manager Brian Wycherley celebrating below.

Charity Donations

In September, Dave Street, our Commercial Coordinator, ran the Potters ‘Arf Marathon (a local half-marathon) in support of the British Lung foundation. He ultimately raised over £800 for the charity – well done Dave!

We also fundraise through our Dress-Down Fridays: every participant puts in £1 a week and when we reach £100, we donate the money to a local charity. This year, we donated to two animal charities: City Dogs Home and Alsager Animals in Need.

Remembering Mike Jackson

It wasn’t all good news this year though. Mike Jackson, Vice President of IPS USA, unfortunately passed away last this year. Most of us at IPS have known Mike for decades and he is still greatly missed.

Next year, we plan to do even more and go even further: venturing into new industries, introducing new products, visiting new expos and meeting new customers. We hope that your 2021 has been as eventful as ours (in a good way) and look forward to working with you again throughout 2022.

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