Alumina Tube 3mm OD/2mm ID x 600mm Long IPSAL99 – From £12 (+VAT and Delivery)

Alumina Tube 15mm OD/11mm ID x 600mm Long IPSAL99 - From £28 (+VAT and Delivery)
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    Alumina is the most widely used technical ceramic and is the material of choice in about 80% of engineering applications due to its excellent combination of properties. Fired at over 1600°C (2910°F) to give a fully dense ceramic, alumina exhibits high mechanical strength and stiffness that is retained at elevated temperature.


    Property Typical Value Units
    Max. temperature of use 1600 (2910ºF) ºC
    Bulk density 3.8 g/cm3
    Open porosity <0.1 %
    Modulus of elasticity 300 GPa
    Bending strength 300 MPa
    Thermal conductivity 25 W/mK
    Thermal expansion 8 X10-6/K
    Volume resistivity 1014 Wcm
    Dielectric constant 10
    Dielectric strength 20 kV/m


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