Alumina Tube 15mm OD/11mm ID x 600mm Long IPSAL99 – From £28 (+VAT and Delivery)

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    Alumina is the most widely used technical ceramic and is the material of choice in about 80% of engineering applications due to its excellent combination of properties. Fired at over 1600°C (2910°F) to give a fully dense ceramic, alumina exhibits high mechanical strength and stiffness that is retained at elevated temperature. Speak to IPS Ceramics for Alumina Tubes and ceramic products.

    Property Typical Value Units
    Max. temperature of use 1600 (2910ºF) ºC
    Bulk density 3.8 g/cm3
    Open porosity <0.1 %
    Modulus of elasticity 300 GPa
    Bending strength 300 MPa
    Thermal conductivity 25 W/mK
    Thermal expansion 8 X10-6/K
    Volume resistivity 1014 Wcm
    Dielectric constant 10
    Dielectric strength 20 kV/m
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