IPS Ceramics Proudly Supports Mind

IPS Ceramics Proudly Supports Mind

Posted by Tom Evans on March 3, 2023

IPS Ceramics have donated £100 to Mind, a charity dedicated to supporting mental health through England.

IPS fundraises for local charities through our weekly Dress Down Friday. All participating employees donate £1 a week which is collated and saved until we have a full £100; this money is then donated to a local charity and the saving starts again.

Mind are dedicated to making mental health an everyday priority, standing up to the injustices, offering help to those who need, and building an unstoppable network of individuals and communities who want to make a difference.

Previous charities we’ve supported through our Dress Down Fridays include the Macari Foundation, City Dogs Home, Circus Starr, Alsager Animals in Need, and more.

If you would like to donate to any of the causes mentioned here, please do; it would be great for the local community and highly appreciated by all involved.