IPS Ceramics Ltd are proud to support Circus Starr

IPS Ceramics are Proud to Support Circus Starr

Posted by Tom Evans on January 31, 2020

IPS Ceramics has donated £140 to Circus Starr, a local organization who provide entertainment and services to disadvantaged children and families.

We believe in supporting Stoke-on-Trent (our local area and the historic heart of the Potteries) and the local charities who make a positive difference throughout our community.

One charity that we’ve had a particularly long relationship with is Circus Starr, an organisation that we have been donating to for several years now. Their mission is “to transform, enrich and inspire the lives of children and families who need it most across the UK, through the magical art of circus performance”, creating an engaging and inclusive circus experience for disabled and disadvantaged children who would be unable to experience these types of events.

Our donation which will go towards covering the costs of the tickets for up to eight families and ensure they have a night to remember.

Other charities we’ve recently donated to include the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust (continuing our work supporting green causes and processes), the National Autistic Society (a group we’ve talked about here) and the Newcastle-under-Lyme branch of Lions International (who we’ve talked about here).

If you would like to donate to any of the causes mentioned here, we would greatly recommend it: this be great for the local community and highly appreciated by the local area.

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