IPS Ceramics has donated £100 to the local Staffordshire charity Newcastle-under-Lyme Lions International

IPS Ceramics & Lions International: Working Together for Newcastle-under-Lyme

Posted by Tom Evans on January 15, 2020

IPS Ceramics have donated £100 to the Newcastle-under-Lyme branch of Lions International, a local group dedicated to “meeting the needs of local communities and the world every day”.

Our Head Offices are located in Newcastle-under-Lyme, the heart of the potteries, and we have a long history of serving the local ceramics industry. Without this community, we wouldn’t be who we are now, and so we like to give back whenever possible.

One of our main ways of doing this is through our weekly Dress Down Friday. All participating employees donate £1 a week which is collated and saved until we’ve raised a full £100; this money is then donated to a local charity and the saving starts again.

This time, we donated our money to the Newcastle-under-Lyme branch of Lions International. Lions International is a global network of volunteers who take it upon themselves to help those in need and make their local communities better for all. Founded in 1917 and best known for fighting blindness, their volunteers run many different kinds of community projects in aid of causes such as caring for the environment, feeding the hungry and aiding the disabled. They also provide grants and scholarships and provide aid following natural disasters.

Our money will be specifically used to help fund two events for disabled children: a visit to Waterworld which will take place on Tuesday 10th March and a day out to Foxfield Railway (taking place later in the year when the weather is a little friendlier). We hope that all the attendees and organisers of these events will enjoy what are set to be two spectacular days.

Previous charities we’ve supported through our Dress Down Fridays include the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust (continuing our work supporting green causes and processes) and the National Autistic Society (a group we’ve talked about here).

If you would like to donate to any of the causes mentioned here, we would greatly recommend it: this be great for the local community and highly appreciated by the people the charities serve.

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