Furnace Equipment For The Efficient Creation Of EV Batteries

Furnace Equipment for the Efficient Creation of EV Batteries

Posted by Callum on April 7, 2021

The race is on to reduce the price of electric vehicles (EVs). In November 2020, the UK Government announced its plans to accelerate a greener transport future through a two-step phase-out of petrol and diesel cars to be enacted by 2035. Joe Biden’s presidency – still only a few months old – has also announced a range of green policies including the replacement of the 645K federal vehicle fleet with electric cars and an increased level of funding for green initiatives. The job of manufacturers is now to get ahead of the curve and make sure we’re ready to meet these demands.

The Evolution of EV Batteries

Lithium-Ion batteries are the most common EV battery types. They are composed of a range of elements, including carbon, graphite, lithium salt and metal oxides.

A priority for manufacturers of EV batteries is to achieve higher battery performance while reducing charge times, extending longevity, preserving safety standards and lowering costs. For this reason, new breakthroughs in production are emerging in the field all the time, including improving and streamlining the manufacture of battery cells and their components.

To meet these priorities, EV battery manufacturers must also look to maximising the production of cathode materials and the sintering of battery components.

Ceramic Products for the EV Battery Industry

At IPS Ceramics, we are working with EV battery manufacturers to produce a range of specialist ceramic products designed for the production of cathode materials and the sintering of battery components. Current products include mullite saggars for lithium powder production, customisable alumina modules, alumina tiles, mullite rollers, silicon carbide heating elements, silicon carbide radiant tubes and silicon carbide burner nozzles.

Our range of Cordierite Saggars are used for the calcination and refining of lithium-based cathode materials, with the development of mullite and high alumina saggars currently taking place at our pilot plant.

You can find more details about our range in our specialist presentation and on our dedicated EV Battery webpage.

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