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Alumina Tubes Now Available in Our Online Shop

Posted by Alex Painter on March 12, 2019

Alumina tubes can now be ordered directly from IPS Ceramics with the launch of our fantastic online shop.

Alumina is a highly durable material which is used for a variety of applications across the ceramics industry and in approximately 80% of engineering applications due to a combination of properties which excel in challenging conditions.


From extreme heat; it can be used at a maximum temperature of 1600 degrees centigrade. It offers chemical resistance and cannot be corroded by water or steam, and is thermally stable while delivering electrical insulation. These fully dense tubes are non permeable, making them the ideal choice for channelling gases and chemicals without the risk of contamination.
These properties have seen Alumina and many of the other technical ceramics manufactured and supplied by IPS Ceramics utilised beyond the ceramics industry to meet the demands of the 21st Century world.

We understand that all our customers have different requirements when it comes to technical ceramics. Therefore, IPS Ceramics can supply high-quality and reliable Alumina tubes to meet a variety of specifications in 600mm lengths. We also have the capability to cut our products to your preferred length and shape should you require a bespoke order.

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