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Alumina Tubes and Rods

Alumina tubes & rods Enhanced range - Express service

We offer an enhanced range of 99% alumina tubes.

  • Open (OBE) and closed (COE) ends
  • Wide variety of sizes, cut to custom lengths
  • Stock items dispatched within 24 hours
  • Same day shipping available with express fee
  • Custom length tubes dispatched within 48 hours

Our Alumina Tube stock is available in 600mm lengths which can be cut to your length requirement. We also offer a full range of longer tubes and different diameters on a special-order basis. For more information, please browse through our Online Alumina Tube Shop or contact our commercial team at or

Alumina Tubes Stock Sizes Include:
Metric Imperial
3mm OD/ 2mm ID 0.12” OD/ 0.08” ID
5mm OD/ 3mm ID 0.20” OD/ 0.12” ID
10mm OD/ 6mm ID 0.40” OD/ 0.24” ID
15mm OD/ 11mm ID 0.60” OD/ 0.43” ID
20mm OD/ 15mm ID 0.80” OD/ 0.60” ID
30mm OD/ 22mm ID 1.20” OD/ 0.87” ID
35mm OD/ 27mm ID 1.38” OD/ 1.06” ID
40mm OD/ 32mm ID 1.57” OD/ 1.26” ID

Alumina Tubes and Rods are Used in a Wide Variety of Applications

Alumina is the most widely used technical ceramic and is the material of choice in about 80% of engineering applications due to its excellent combination of properties. Fired at over 1600°C (2910°F) to give a fully dense ceramic, Alumina exhibits high mechanical strength and stiffness which is retained even at elevated temperatures.

Alumina tubes and rods are found across numerous user industries as a cost-effective yet high-performance solution. The combination of key properties makes them a go-to product in many instances:

    • Thermally stable – Alumina can be used in both oxidizing and reducing atmospheres up to 1600°C (2910°F) and in vacuum furnaces up to 1750°C (3180°F).
    • Fully dense – Alumina provides a non-permeable tube that protects from contamination and can be used to create a gas-tight assembly.
    • High chemical resistance – Alumina is chemically inert and not corroded by water or steam. It offers good resistance to corrosive substances such as strong acids or alkalis, even at elevated temperatures.
    • Electrical insulation – Alumina is also widely used as an electrically insulating material. It can be used for insulators operating at elevated temperatures (e.g. furnace lead-in tubes, fuel-cells).
Property Typical Value
Max. Temperature 1600 ºC / 2910 ºF
Bulk Density 3.8  g/cm3
Open Porosity <0.1 %
Modulus of Elasticity 300 GPa
Bending Strength 300 MPa
Thermal Conductivity 25 W/mK
Thermal Expansion 8 X10-6/K
Volume Resistivity 1014 Wcm
Dielectric Constant 10
Dielectric Strength 20 kV/m