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What Is Kiln Furniture Made Of?

Posted by callum on December 9, 2019

At IPS Ceramics, we supply cordierite kiln furniture to the global ceramics industry, and have done so for over 60 years. The term kiln furniture is a broad one which encompasses a wide range of products, these include:

Kiln furniture must be stable, resistant to thermal shock cracking and light-weight to withstand not only extreme operating temperatures but also to sustain the stress of rapid heating and cooling over and over again.

With this in mind, the type of materials used to make kiln furniture must be compatible with these requirements.

Materials Used For Kiln Furniture

We provide an extensive range of kiln furniture in a variety of shapes and sizes at IPS Ceramics. One of the most common materials we used to make this is cordierite. However, we also can offer kiln furniture in other materials too, such as mullite, sillimanite and tabular alumina, which are often used for specialist applications.

Cordierite Kiln Furniture

Cordierite is an excellent material for kiln furniture for a number of reasons. Our cordierite kiln furniture is made to be both porous and low density, making it extremely cost-effective for producing supports that can be used in a range of heat treatment processes.

Cordierite also has a very low creep rate, which means it deforms under stress at a much lower rate to other materials. It is also resistant to thermal shock cracking and stable at high temperatures, which are all essential elements for cost-effective kiln furniture, especially in the manufacturing of sanitary ware and heavy clay products.

Mullite Kiln Furniture

Mullite, also known as porcelainite, is a naturally occurring constituent mineral that forms under high temperatures through the reaction of silica, alumina and magnesia. When used as a material for kiln furniture, it remains strong at high temperatures, resisting bending and breaking under the stress of the load.

Mullite is suitable for temperatures up to 1300ºC. In temperatures beyond this, its load-bearing capability starts to become diminished, as does its useful life. For higher temperatures, kiln furniture made from materials such as silicon carbide or alumina may be more suitable.

Silicon Carbide Kiln Furniture

Silicon carbide is extremely resistant to thermal shock, as well as being lightweight with high mechanical strength. It is also suitable for high temperatures (from 1300-1650ºC). We manufacture and supply silicon carbide products in the form of batts and kiln shelves, beams, burner nozzles, adjustable props, tubes, rollers, saggars, setters, heating elements, and in bespoke shapes to suit the needs of your manufacturing process.

Alumina Products

Alumina is commonly used in technical ceramics due to its high mechanical strength and rigidity. We supply a range of alumina products for technical ceramics including tiles, alumina tubes, crucibles and boats, ignition trays, stilts, pins and pips, discs and investment casting plugs.

Find Out More

For more information on kiln furniture and the different types of materials that we use for our products, please make an enquiry. In many cases, we can support you in choosing the best material for your needs based on heating processes and temperatures.