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IPS Ceramics New Technical Brochure

Posted by Alex Painter on March 16, 2015

IPS Ceramics has made an important addition to its offering in the area of technical ceramics with its new range of sintered silicon carbide (SSiC) which can be found in our new technical brochure. These components offer the industrial engineer superior performance in a number of crucial areas and offer ceramic solutions in new areas of manufacture and processing.After forming, the green pieces are sintered at 2000°C and most resulting components have a maximum operating temperature of 1600°C–1650°C. IPS SSiC exhibits extremely good thermal conductivity while at the same time offering low thermal expansion characteristics.

This material is increasingly finding a place in a whole host of industrial and R&D applications, not just because of its thermal performance (outstanding thermal shock resistance) but also because it combines extreme hardness with low density (less than half that of steel).

“We are both delighted and excited to have added sintered silicon carbide to our rapidly increasing portfolio of technical ceramics,” said Phil Green, sales director. “In our role as experts in the field of ceramic materials and their suitability for a wide variety of demanding applications – often in harsh operating environments – this range certainly represents an important weapon in the armoury.”

IPS SSiC is ideal for manufacturing engineering components such as bearings, seals, seal faces, tubes, nozzles, valves, locking pieces, plates, tiles and wear parts. A very high degree of polishing is obtainable with SSiC and this makes it an impressive performer in terms of sliding/friction and in any application where an ultra-hard and super wear resistant surface is required.