The Art of the Office

The Art of the Office: Redesigning the IPS Conference Room

Posted by Tom Evans on 27-07-2021

Covid has moved people away from face-to-face meetings and towards the conference call. As such, we have decided that our conference room needs jazzing up with a new feature wall. It is a fine art, redesigning an office or conference room. You have to strike the right balance between professionalism and approachability, but we think we have done just that. Here is the story of how IPS Ceramics performed the perfect office redesign. Origins of the Idea IPS offers conference…

Experts in Technical Ceramics

Established in its present form in 2009, IPS Ceramics evolved from the merger of several leading manufacturers of high-temperature ceramics, all bringing a bank of expertise. Today’s IPS team collectively boasts 250+ years of experience in ceramic technology, including design, material selection/specification and manufacturing. We can rapidly and expertly evaluate possible technical ceramic solutions for your specific application or a whole host of manufacturing, engineering and laboratory demands.

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