IPS Ceramics' 2022: A Retrospective

IPS Ceramics’ 2022: A Retrospective

Posted by Tom Evans on December 21, 2022

It’s been another busy year for IPS Ceramics. As is tradition, we’ve looked back at the year that was and have tried to condense it into an easily digestible blog post. Come join us as we look back at IPS Ceramics’ 2022…

Employees New and Old

At the very start of the year, after many years in the ceramics industry, our former warehouse manager Paul Thorley retired. We hope he’s enjoying his retirement and spending more time with his family.

During the middle of the year, Tom Corcoran joined the IPS family as our new Business Development Manager. He’s hit the ground running and already feels like part of the furniture. The end of the year also saw the first anniversary of Mat Spencer joining IPS in our Warehouse team.

2022 was also our sales director Phil Green’s 50th anniversary in the ceramics industry and our warehouse manager Graydon Harris’ 40th anniversary with IPS Ceramics. Throughout the year, we also saw a series of landmark birthdays – we won’t embarrass anyone by revealing how old they are, but we saw at least one 50th birthday and at least one 60th.

So it’s been a busy year for our staff, capped off at the end of the year by our much deserved Christmas party, our first since the pandemic. Now we go onwards and upwards to whatever 2023 might have in store…

Expos and Events

After largely disappearing in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic, expos and trade shows have come back with a vengeance during 2022. We’re very happy about this too – it’s nice to know that there are still spaces where the ceramics industry can meet and exchange ideas face-to-face.

Over the course of 2022, we visited and exhibited at:

You can see a collection of photos from these events below:

We already have a packed calendar of events prepared for 2023 – keep your eyes on our news page to be first to learn about them.

Special Deliveries

Throughout the year, we have continued to invest in our delivery vehicles. We have invested in a new commercial vehicle, allowing us to be more flexible and efficient when making smaller deliveries. For bigger deliveries, we have also upgraded that our delivery truck to a newer, more efficient model with a brand-new livery (based on the feature wall in our conference room).

We even did a small competition when we updated the truck asking people to submit pictures of it out and about, an idea that our marketer had fun with:

Next year, we plan to do even more and go even further: venturing into new industries, introducing new products, visiting new expos, and meeting new customers. We hope that your 2022 has been as eventful as ours and look forward to working with you again throughout 2023.

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