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Alumina Tiles Explained

Posted by Callum on February 5, 2021

Alumina is a cost-effective and widely used material for a diverse range of industrial applications. IPS Ceramics has developed alumina tiles that are optimised for maximum wear and corrosion resistance.

Alumina has a high density, diamond-like hardness with superior mechanical strength properties. This makes it the material of choice for a range of demanding applications.

Suitable for a Range of Applications

Alumina tiles are mainly used in three types of applications:

  • Larger, thinner tiles are often used as support plates for sintering or heat treatment processes. Tiles as large as 400 x 300mm can be produced. Their surfaces can be ground down for excellent flatness and smoothness.
  • Thicker plates are used where abrasion resistance is important, including anti-drill plates for locks, grinder resistant inserts for security fencing, wear-resistant cover plates for material handling equipment, and mosaic mats for covering chutes in the mineral processing industry.
  • Small tiles and discs are used as substrates for LEDs and other electronic packages. These tiles are often around 1mm thick and may be shaped or drilled using laser cutting.

Other industries which use it include Research Laboratories, Technological Components, EV Battery Components and Ozone Generation. More specialist applications are numerous, typically using the ability to grind alumina to close tolerances or achieve a mirror finish by polishing.

IPS Ceramics is constantly working with design engineers and system manufacturers to look for new applications for the alumina tile.

The Benefits of Ceramic Alumina Tiles

Alumina tiles offer a range of benefits including:

  • High levels of stability, as they are unreactive with most chemicals.
  • Superior wear and abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to high temperatures (up to 1600 °C).
  • Strong and durable, even when they are very thin.

Interested in our Ceramic Alumina Tiles?

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