#IPSCares No. 3: Greener Processes

IPS Cares 3: Making Our Services Greener

Posted by Tom Evans on September 30, 2019

IPS Ceramics believe that it is our collective duty to look after our planet and to lead by example on this front. This is why we’ve created #IPSCares: a series on how we’re being greener and are helping our industry be greener too.

In the first post, we looked at things we’ve done to make our office premises greener to run. In the second, we discussed how we’ve worked with other companies to make their processes more energy efficient. Now we’ll look at how we make the services we provide greener, putting sustainability at the heart of our business.

Example 1: Video Conferencing

IPS Cares 3: Making Our Services Greener IPS Ceramics

IPS Ceramics believes in providing personal customer service to each customer. If we’re working with someone on a particularly complicated project, then nothing beats sitting down and going through it face-to-face. This can result in a lot of travelling which can mean a lot of emissions, particularly given that we have clients across the world. This means that we sometimes have to balance customer service with our aim to be green. How do you get the same level of face-to-face interaction without the travel costs?
Our solution is Video Conferencing. Our Conference Room has full video conferencing capabilities, allowing you to meet our entire team without either of us having to step outside our offices. Less travel means less impact on the environment.
As per usual, the environmental benefits come alongside a raft of other ones. Video conferencing is easy to set-up, and meeting times can be more flexible and convenient. You can meet us from anywhere with an internet connection: whether this is your office, your house, a hotel or anywhere else. This all makes meetings easier to organise, whether you’re an hour away or on the other side of the world.
So organise a meeting with us today and see how we can help you in a sustainable way, no matter where you are.

Example 2: Ceramic Recycling

IPS Cares 3: Making Our Services Greener IPS Ceramics

When handling ceramics, items can get broken or, in rare instances, turn out to be unsuitable for use. Unneeded ceramics can be difficult to dispose of and, given the energy and resources that go into producing each item, it’s always a shame to not get the full use out of them.
This is why we work with Grange Aggregates, a local company with a sustainable solution for the recycling of ceramics. We keep our unwanted ceramics together and have them picked up by Grange Aggregates throughout the year. They then take these ceramics and process them into a refractory aggregate made up of many different fractions. Through them, we can recycle our cordierite, mullite, alumina and silicon carbide.
This allows us to recycle unusable stock and avoid sending them to landfill. If you’re in the Stoke-on-Trent area and would like to do the same, you can contact Grange Aggregates here.

IPS Cares 3: Making Our Services Greener IPS Ceramics

We hope our #IPSCares posts have made you think about how energy efficient your company is and provided some inspiration on how to make your processes more efficient. We love working with other companies to improve their services and believe that it’s an important step in making our industry the best it can be. To see what we could do for you, please feel free to contact by clicking on this link.

And again, don’t forget to catch up with our previous posts.