IPS Ceramics: Spotlight on Catherine Lv, our Commercial Coordinator in China

Spotlight on: Catherine Lv, our Commercial Coordinator in China

Posted by Tom Evans on October 18, 2023

Catherine Lv, our Commercial Coordinator based in China, has been working for IPS Ceramics for over a decade now and has evolved her role greatly over that time. To celebrate, this post will look over her achievements.

Catherine first started working with IPS over a decade ago when we were at the start of transferring our production to our partner’s plant, Trend. As IPS was based in England and Trend were in China, we needed a translator to ensure good communication between companies. After a rigorous interview process, Catherine got the job and officially joined us on 6th December 2010.

While working as a translator, Catherine also started learning about the production, technical and quality aspects of our business producing refractory kiln furniture products, giving her a flexible skillset that’s allowed her role to evolve over time. As IPS Ceramics expanded to include more materials and products, Catherine took on the responsibilities of helping to manage our supply chain. In 2018, when Trend transferred from their original production plant in Beijing to a much larger, purpose-built production plant in Tianjin in 2018, Catherine followed to help both IPS and Trend cope with the production transfer.

Catherine’s role now focuses on liaising between IPS, our business partner Trend and our two manufacturing plants, one in Tianjin and the other in Zhejiang. She also assists in shipping products all around the world, including the UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, and all other countries.

It is the through dedication of our employees, like Catherine, with their years of experience and flexible knowledge, which make IPS Ceramics as reliable and capable as it is. You can meet the rest of our team here and get in contact with us here.