Fire Assay Crucibles

IPS Ceramics Fire Assay Crucibles for Assay Houses

Product Overview

Assay houses (otherwise known as assay offices) are organisations dedicated to testing the purity of precious metals such as gold, silver, and the platinum group metals (PGMs), ensuring that products conform to legal requirements for purity, and issuing relevant hallmarks.

Ceramic refractory crucibles play a crucial role in the fire assaying of precious metals. Crushed ore samples are mixed with fluxes, a carbon source and powdered lead oxide in a refractory crucible. The crucible and mixture will then be placed inside a furnace and heated to around 1150°C (2100°F). A series of chemical reactions will separate the metal from its impurities, allowing it and its impurities to be measured and its purity to be calculated.

IPS Ceramics supply refractory crucibles to assay houses worldwide, plus many companies recovering precious metals from electronic waste and other waste streams. Made from cordierite, they easily stand the temperatures required for assaying. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, ensuring they fit your particular setup perfectly.

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Technical Information

Products Pouring Cups
Minerology Cordierite Mullite
Al₂O₃ 28%
SiO₂ 67%
Fe₂O₃ 1.5%
Other 3.5%
Max. Service Temp. 1150°C / 2100°F
Bulk Density 1.95 g/cm³
Open Porosity 23%
Modulus of Rupture (room temp.) 20 MPa
Modulus of Rupture (1250°C / 2280°F) 15 MPa
Thermal Expansion (20-1000°C / 70-1830°F) 3.2 x10⁻⁶/K
Specific Heat Capacity 1.0 kJ/kg.K
Thermal Conductivity 1 W/mK

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