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Cast Products

Posted by Liam Morgan on February 20, 2017

IPS Ceramics has been manufacturing cordierite kiln furniture for more than 100 years as Acme, Diamond, Gimson, Hewitt and Dyson and have a wealth of manufacturing experience and use various forming techniques (including dust pressing, extrusion, roller making) to produce a wide range of shapes for many industries. Recently, IPS have developed a new range of slip cast shapes that offer several advantages including greatly increased design flexibility and reduced set-up costs, but many users have reported that the major benefit is the smoother, more consolidated surface produced by casting.

IPS cast setters offer:

  • A smooth contact surface that reduces sticking and plucking
  • Dust-free setters that minimize kiln dirt and maximize yields
  • Excellent stability at higher temperatures – can be used use up to 1300ºC / 2350ºF
  • High resistance to thermal shock during heating and cooling – reduced setter failure in fast firing cycles

IPS offer a wide range of cast shapes, including T-crank and Y-crank designs for glost firing, TFS or total-foot-support setters for once-fired ware. IPS Ceramics is also happy to work with individual dinnerware/tableware producers to produce bespoke profile-setter designs that are perfectly shaped to support your particular product lines during bone china and fine china biscuit firing.