Medical Ceramics

Medical Ceramics

The miracles of precision medical ceramics

Medical Ceramics one of the most exciting areas for ceramics technology growth is within the medical industry. The modern medical uses of ceramics can be broken down into 3 categories;

Replacement and Repair

One of the most interesting areas in medical ceramics has been the use of precision ceramics to replace damaged parts of our bodies. Ceramics have played an important part in repairs, restorations and implants throughout the body.

Medical Diagnosis

Ceramics are used extensively to help diagnose our ailments. Nearly every hospital and laboratory will utilise glass containers and alumina lab ware for chemical analyses and electronic components.

Medical Ceramics in Treatment and Therapy

Precision ceramics are important in nearly every aspect of today’s modern medical treatments, from the early stages of diagnosis through to the complex aspects of treatment and therapy.

Other areas that medical ceramics are used;

Bone restoration
Ear implants
CAT Scans
X-Ray Tubes
Laser Surgery