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machinable cordierite

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  • To Your Requirement Machinable Cordierite

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    Our rapid prototyping service is unique in offering a product that can be fired repeatedly to temperatures up to 1300°C (2350°F). We can start with either your own CAD or SolidWorks design files, or with a bespoke design by our in-house team. We process the design to allow our precision CNC machining centre to cut your component from a blank made from our specially developed lightweight refractory ceramic material.

    Our ceramic material has been pre-fired to ensure your machined component is dimensionally stable, and exhibits a low coefficient of thermal expansion to minimise size changes in use. Blanks are available from stock up to a size of 500mm x 500mm x 70mm (20in x 20in x 2.8in) allowing quite large prototypes to be machined.

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